Chantal Sohilait – Grafisch vormgever

I’m a designer based in Utrecht, The Nederlands. Being a designer can often be pretty tricky to describe yourself. “Am I a graphic designer, visual designer or what to call myself?”

Chantal has a degree in graphic design at the Grafisch Lyceum and a Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia Design, with a specialisme in visual design. After a successful and inspiring internship in 2014 at De Nieuwe Collectie, she was asked to work as a freelance graphic designer. It never came up to went freelance. Although, it’s a great opportunity to work with great clients and combining work with pleasure.

With a strategic perspective and a passion for personalized designed products, Chantal developed design skills such as content, concept, (user experience) design, typography and animation. The thing she loved most is to combine multiple disciplines and to create imaginative solutions with the powerful way of communication; storytelling.

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